Clinical Medicine Research

Volume 12, Issue 6, November 2023

  • Research Article

    Development and Evaluation of a Questionnaire on the Acceptability of Advance Care Planning for the Families of End-Stage Patients with Chronic Diseases

    Shen Yongqing, Yang Yanting, Gao Rui, Wang Yongli, Liu Wei, Zhang Juanjuan, Ji Jingmin, Yao Zhicui, Wang Qi, Suo Tingting*, Li Dongli

    Issue: Volume 12, Issue 6, November 2023
    Pages: 103-109
    Received: Sep. 24, 2023
    Accepted: Oct. 23, 2023
    Published: Nov. 29, 2023
    Abstract: The objective of this study was to construct and evaluate a questionnaire about the acceptability of advance care planning among the families of end-stage patients with chronic diseases. The reliability and validity of the questionnaire were then evaluated by consulting with 11 experts and testing the questionnaire on 406 family members of patients... Show More